We innovate it. We simplify it. We build it. A trusted approach to commercial building. 


Growing up in a family business, owner of Compass Construction Dan Cameron learned early the importance of hard work ethic, integrity, honesty and that with a hands on approach, a little goes a long way. A company should never be so big that you don’t know the owner personally when doing business with them. After years of working in the construction industry, Dan had a clear direction when creating Compass Construction; one of owner-to-owner communication, putting client’s best interests first and treating contractors, employees and owners with equal respect. 

Compass Construction, a Vermont based commercial construction company, is streamlining the building process by owner-to-owner communication, innovative and energy efficient building products, flexible building packages and the experience to make your expansion or renovation with as little disruption as possible to your day-to-day operations. The Compass Construction family is comprised of skilled workers whose common goal is coming to work everyday with the intention of going above and beyond. Dan creates a sense of camaraderie among the staff and treats each as a valued member of the team. On one occasion after learning of a new employees struggle to bridge the financial gap before his first paycheck, Dan and his wife stocked his fridge with groceries for him and his three children. 


What services can Compass Construction offer you? 

• Commercial Construction Management 

• Centria Architectural Siding Systems

• Metal Insulated Wall Panels

• Duro-Last PVC Membrane Roofing 

• Retro-Fit Re-Roofing 


When it comes to full service construction management and general contracting, no other company delivers more industry leading, self-performance practices than Compass Construction. With a fully comprehensive approach to building and the ability to self-perform roofing, siding and interior work, you can expect what can potentially be a confusing and expensive process to be simplified and cost-effective. Compass keeps your project running smoothly so you can focus on your everyday business. 


Owner of Compass Construction Dan Cameron was so impressed with the innovative

technology and customized design that Centria Architectural Systems offered it was the clear choice for the first Mini Cooper dealership in the state of Vermont. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive for the overall sleek design and energy efficiency of the wall system. 

With only 100 Centria dealers nationwide, Compass Construction is proud to be on this exclusive short list. From inspiration through installation, Compass provides the highest level of expertise. Centria metal architectural systems are the perfect combination of science and aesthetics, offering the broadest spectrum of design options, truly integrated components and superior sustainability. 


What does every building in Vermont, the U.S. and the world have in common? They all have roofs. 40 years ago Duro- Last Roofing started out as a manufacturer of PVC pool liners and was the first in the industry to combine the technology and efficiency of pool liner material into a maintenance free roof system. As a certified installer, Compass Construction offers new construction roofing, metal retrofit re-roofing, roof maintenance plans and roof inspections. Duro- Last’s ability to custom fabricate insulation makes it possible to re-roof any existing metal roof. To this day Duro-Last is still a family owned/operated company and Dan Cameron is proud to offer an American made product with such high standards. 





 Dan Cameron, owner of Compass Construction working to install corrugated metal siding at the UVM Miller Research Center in South Burlington VT.


“There’s nothing more satisfying than working directly with business owners to make their visions a reality-preferably one with four walls and a dry roof. There’s something rewarding about working with someone from the tiniest idea or concept, and attending the ribbon cutting ceremony upon completion. Every time I drive by that building I think not only, ‘hey, we built that’, but ‘hey, we helped them go from a sketch on the back of a napkin to their biggest asset that’s going to take their company to the next level.’” ~ Dan Cameron